Ismene King is a graduate of the MFA Sculpture programme of the Slade School of Fine Art. She currently lives and works in Athens.


In her current work she explores emotion as a methodology for making. Through creating hybrid bodies, crossing over between human, monster, animal and fish, she is interested in emotional projection, as well as the history of the monstrous figure as an exaggeration of the human nature, a familiar Other, a knowing protector. These objects/figures have their core in the portrayal of emotion and the form it takes as a bodily feeling.

King is interested in evoking a corporeal response through the work. She often uses food in her work, translating her sculptural materials into edible textures, performing servings, as well as creating vessels for eating. This crossover between sculpture and food making, functions as an ongoing material process and exploration. Through these works, she aims to explore the immediacy of the act observing and consuming food and the dialogue it creates between viewer and maker as well as the intimate relationship with the work itself, through touch, smell, taste and ultimately its consumption.




2020 / Serving Off Matter, as part of Athens ArtCore festival, Athens Open Studio, Athens

2020 / Kypselian Salon, Snehta Residency, Athens

2019  / A FIELD GUIDE TO FETTING LOST VOL.2, Aegina, Greece

2019  / Exposition .1, Athens Open Studio, Athens

2019  / MENU, Solo exhibition, MEME Gallery, Athens

2018  / Livings, 28 Sutherland Square, London

2018  / GENETIC ESTATE, Chrysospiliotissis 3, Athens

2017  / Displacement Project / Off Quay - Ugly Duck / London / Jacaranda / Rio de Janeiro

2017  / MEMEMEME / The Crypt Gallery / London

2016 / PILLOW, SWALLOW, HOLLOW, YELLOW / Art Wall Project Space / Athens

2016 / Backwards+Forwards / Dona Laura's House / Lisbon

2016 / XXL / Hotel Elephant / London


2015 / POWERFOOL / Art Wall Project Space / Athens


2020 / M2M8 28 Hour Residency, MEME Gallery, Athens

2016 / The Crypt Gallery / London

2015 / Sanskriti Foundation / N. Delhi



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