YAM / 2016

Durational performance

Performed at the UCLH Hospital, London, as part of the Indigo Vastness exhibition

Instructions for the performer: 

/Movement, in the slowest tempo, almost static

/Pick the first yam and try to balance it on your body. One end of the yam is sprouting, whilst the other end is shriveling, feeding its opposite end. 

/Use your hand, wrist, the inside of your elbow, shoulder, neck, cheek, eyes, nose, mouth, 

forehead, ear, spine, ribs, thigh, knee, foot

/Gradually add more yams and try to balance as many as possible, together

/When a yam drops, pick it up and place it back on your body - continue balancing the other yam(s) - do not change tempo

/As the yams break, find new ways of placing/balancing them on your body